Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Sanmarg on Internet!!!

its 3:37 AM in night, about three hours ago, I just did a search on Google for "Sanmarg", and i could not believe my eyes when I saw a web page link of Sanmarg! Its like a dream come true for me!

Stop press!! You must be thinking what Sanmarg is, right ? Well, its a Hindi language newspaper published from Calcutta (now Kolkata), and I grow up reading that everyday! It was a small organization and the newspaper is just 12 pages all daily. So, you may call it a local newspaper, but it has more than 800,000 readership in Eastern India. There are few other newspapers available in Calcutta, like Janasatta, a national Hindi daily from Indian Express group, and Vishwamitra, another local daily. But only Sanmarg knows what Calcutta wants to read in Hindi newspaper.

Now, just imagine how I feel with getting an online edition of my newspaper! But this is not all, they are online, but with a difference. Instead of putting up news and articles on their site, they put up exact replica of print edition of the newspaper! That is something like I am in Calcutta, and reading my own newspaper in morning! I spent about 3 hours reading all seven days edition. It was emotional, nostalgic and somewhere I find myself closer to my home, my Calcutta. Now I will be reading this newspaper every morning with my tea! So far, yet so near to home! Thank You technology! Thank You Sanmarg!