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Hindi Magazines on Internet

I live in Singapore, and getting hindi magazines here are rare. You won't find any on stores. The only option is to ask someone who is going to India to get few for you. So, I decided to search on Internet for online editions of the mags available in India. To my surprise, there are none available! There are so many hindi magazines available on stand in India, but there are no online edition for any of them! I do not know why! But still, I manage to chart down a list of websites which publish magazines in Hindi, exclusive on Internet. I am yet to find any site which publish Detective or Thriller stories in Hindi, if anyone knows, pls do let me know. All I was able to find is Shahitya (Literature) in Hindi. So, the stories are entertaining, but not like the Novels we get on stall in India.

Here is the list of all the hindi Magazines or should I say e-zines in Hindi:

Abhivyakti - Classic Hindi Magazine Arts, Culture, and Philosophy of IndiaAnyatha - A Literary effort by Friends from …

Bahadur 2040

I post the below part as a comment, to reply of another, which asked about how Bahadur 2040 could be imagined. As I am a little over beer at the moment, my imagination ran wild and I came up with a theme for Bahadur in 2040, or maybe the current avatar of Bahadur.
2040 Bahadur, hmm, son of a terrorist, who has been rehabilitated, and now work along with Police, on a small town of India, which is a satellite town, having all the latest tech and fashion available. He uses physical and mental abilities as well as lots of gizmos to catch the bad guys. He runs a centre which train common people to combat terrorism and prepare them on how to react during emergencies. Bela, his girlfriend, is a victim of terrorism, whose parents died during a terrorist attack, and she is all alone in this world, of course except Bahadur. Later on, there could be one story which oepns up the secret that it was Bahadur's father who killed Bela's parents. Hey guys, it’s Friday night, and with some beer…

Bahadur - The first Indian Comics Hero

[The below article is posted by someone else on a different forum, but I put it here, as this is a great information about Bahadur, and need to be spread across. Although there are few corrections needed, which I did not do in the article, but mentioning it here – Bahadur was created by Abid Surti, in 1976, and later taken over by Jagjit Uppal, not as it is mentioned below that Jagjit Uppal was the creator of Bahadur. Also, Indian Comics is not limited to Bahadur and Mahabali Shaaka, as mentioned below, as we all know about Chacha Chowdhury, Amar Chitra Katha and a lot more, but I will have to write a full article on History of Indian Comics someday. Please note that the below is not my write-up, but reproduced from net, as Bahadur deserved a place on net.]
Mention Indian action comics and this conjures up the images of gaudily drawn adventures of jungle lords like Mahabali Shaaka, a cross between Tarzan and Phantom, and hugely successful in circulation, or superhero spinoffs like Na…