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My fascination with comics is a bit more than you could stand! And don't tell me I didn't warn you. Now I present a Comic Hero, which was another first of India. Yes, you guessed it right from the title of this post, SUPREMO! Published by Star Comics, an unknown publishers now in India, but back than (in 80s), they were HOT! Star Comics published India's first ever 3-D comics. The 3-D Comics craze died after a few issues, but these were in high demand back then. I am still in possession  of few issues of those 3-D comics with me. Someday, I will scan one of them, just to keep a piece of history.
Now, back to Supremo! Yes, it was a comic about costumed hero, with a falcon who talks to him. And he is someone else when not in Supremo disguise. You can ask, what’s new about it? This seems like any other costumed hero, but beholds, the personality he is when not Supremo is the catch. It was a comic featuring our very own Superstar, Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, Amitabh played himself…

More info on Bahadur

Bahadur first appeared in 1978. Written by "Abeed Surti"and later on continued "Jagjit Uppal". It was illustrated by "Govind Brahmania"who usually also illustrated the Indrajal comics covers at that time. First published in 1978 and was named "Laal Inter Bari" (The red brick house) where Bahadur (son of the notorious dacoit Vairab Singh) made his first appearance.
Phantom comics were also published in the Illustrated Weekly, until the publication discontinued. In Bengali it was published daily in Anandabazar Patrika (along with Mandrake on Sundays) and also in the then weekly "Desh" magazine.
Abid Surty also written a couple of non-Bahadur Indrajal-comics based on real stories. One was about "Sultana" the dacoit who was also called "India's robin hood".
Bahadur's father was one of the most dreaded dacoits of Chambal named Vairab Singh
Sukhia's son Deena was brutally killed by Shaitan Singh an accomplice…