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Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice – What was wrong and how they should have done it

I have already posted my spoiler free review for this movie, and here I am, back again, writing another post about the movie. This movie is so bad, that I could not control myself from punching the keyboard again to write this post. This time, I will put details of what did not work in the movie, spoilers included. I am also going to put my thought of how the same story could have been told differently, in much more entertaining way, still maintaining continuity with MoS and Justice League. So, if you have not seen the movie, and planning to watch it, please stop reading now. I will give you few more lines to skip this article before I go for analysis of this movie, on how bad it is. I am not going to repeat what I have already written in my earlier review, but going to give you the points why this movie is so bad that this series should be stopped right now. We need another reboot, or if not possible, stop it all together. I refuse to let fans like me taken for granted by DC/WB and …

Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice – Review [No Spoilers]

This is one time watch movie for all fans of DC universe, as we have no other choice but to watch it for continuity of upcoming Justice League movie. But this movie does not offer anything new to us. It actually disappoints the fans at many fronts. Plus, the non-comics-reading-movie-goers will not like it either as it does not offer the superhero movie kind of entertainment to them. Let me give few details, but without any spoilers. 

First of all, zero promotion of the movie here in India. I am not sure about the international promotion, but locally, people are not aware that the movie opens up today. I am not talking about fans who are waiting for last 3 years, but general public. In fact, I went to watch Neerja on Monday in PVR, and there was only one small poster of this movie, with no date, just “Next Change” written at the bottom. How can you invite people to watch this movie when it is not even promoted to the movie goers? And there was no trailer shown as well. BookmyShow is p…