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My poetry – or my brief encounter with poetry during my school days!

I was in school, and I wrote a small poem in Hindi, on 31st October 1989, 3 years prior to the actual demolition. Those were the days when Ayodhya was main topic, and was every day on the front page of newspapers.  I saw that poem tucked somewhere in my old diary, and thought of sharing this. Its about request from God to all, for not taking the route of violence! But it seems we did not listen to our God, and went ahead with bloodshed of our brothers!

Life & Tunnel - A Pictorial

This post is about one of such wild thought. Its about life, and how we don't prepare ourselves for dark days in life! We are so careless and carefree, its like the story The Ant and the Grasshopper, and we all behave like the Grasshopper, hoping that nothing will change, and our good times in life will continue!