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I am not Anna!

Anna Hazare is everywhere, you open up any newspaper, any news channel, he is there! The shots from news clippings show you that Anna has support of all India! You will see a lot of people on Ramlila ground in his support! Today is 10th Day of his fast for Jan Lokpal Bill. People all over holding protest march, candle march, shouting slogans like Vande Mataram, Bharat mata Kee Jai! People have cap or T-shirt written all over – I am Anna! So, it’s all Anna fever for the last 10 days, and not sure how many more days it will continue!

But I am not Anna! And I do not want to be Anna! I do not support Anna’s movement! Don’t be surprised by this, as my last post was in April, and it was about Anna, whereas I supported him! So, why am I not supporting him now? Because I have my own eyes, my own mind and I can think, I can decide what is right and what is wrong! When he was right, I supported him, but when he is wrong, I am not supporting him, simple! Isn’t it?