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Firecracker ban – A radical step which could have been implemented better!

Supreme Court has implemented ban on firecrackers in Delhi, by suspending sale of all fireworks before Deewali. This has unleashed ongoing criticism on social media, and many people have started linking this with religious sentiments. I am not going to go into the debate if this decision is right or wrong, as there are equally good arguments from both sides. But I can comment on the way it is implemented, and how this backlash could have been reduced to a larger extent. 
I am from Kolkata, and for many years, the government over there has taken few decisions which were correct for the greater good, but not liked by many. As those decisions were taken sensibly, and were not as harsh as this one, so the protest or backlash was also controlled. Some of these decisions were limiting the sale area of fireworks in a controlled and designated place, (now implemented by other states too) stopping people to celebrate Holi on major roads, and let the celebration happened in lanes only. Similar…