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The price he paid for his values

L K Advani, the leader who once was biggest name, and symbol of BJP, has been sidelined by his own party, to cater to a leader, who according to BJP, will ensure victory in next election. 
Advani is a victim here, but not many people see him that way, and it may be projected as he is greedy of his own ambition of becoming Prime Minister of India. We have to understand, that when it was time, when destiny called him to declare himself the leader of World’s largest democracy, in 1995, he himself nominated Atal Behari Vajpayee as party’s PM candidate. He was the preferred choice of the nation at that time, and the party wanted his leadership, like they are now after Narendra Modi. But, his inner voice, discipline, respect for seniority of Atalji, made him defer to Vajpayee, his political senior. At that time, many people told him, that he is throwing away possibly the only shot at the top chair of country. He may not get such chance again, and once Vajpayee becomes PM, Advani will not b…

Out of hours working banned by German labour ministry

Out of hours working banned by German labor ministry Germany's employment ministry has banned its managers from calling or emailing staff out of hours except in emergencies, under new guidelines intended to prevent employees from burning out.
This news further says that as per new guidelines, employees should not be penalized for switching off their mobiles and not reading their mails/messages post office hours.

This was long overdue, and good that Germany has taken an official stand on this issue. I hope rest of the world notice and follow suite. I work in Application Support, and fully understand the risk of critical resources not available during any major incident. But I also appreciate the fact that we have an on-call rota system, which ensures that someone is available to manage such incidents during out of hours. We have the process in place, but still I have seen, and sometimes myself done, calling someone who is not on rota, but we are comfortable with that person. Or th…

Changing times... with Rape and molestation!

Desperate times need desperate measures, we need to lock away so called juvenile rapists and killers. He raped her, tortured her, killed her, and he will get away with it due to his age? Such underage monsters should be taken as mentally unstable and unfit for society. This will ensure they will never be able to walk free on road. If we need to bend some rules, let’s do that for the sake of our women and daughters!