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Thanks but No Thanks Gandhi! We don't need you today!

I am drunk today! It’s a dry day in India, as it’s the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi! The Father of Nation! Known as Bapu! I know you must have heard about him, or his name atleast! But why I drink on the day of his birth? Well, it’s my way of showing him, that India has changed, and we don’t need a Gandhi to free us anymore! We are free! India is one of the, or I think the biggest democratic country of the world! We, the people are responsible for our country! We select our leaders! We choose how the country should be run! We are free now! Bapu, thank you for helping us when we needed you, to get rid of British, and become a free India! Thanks, but no thanks, we don’t need you anymore! The rule of game has changed now! We have terrorism in India now! Gandigiri will fail against terrorism! As you know, your satyagrah will only work if a lot of people participate in that! But if you do something like that today, you will not be put in jail, but someone will kill you on the spot! You may …