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Haneef - Innocent until proven guilty or TERRORIST?

He is a terrorist! Yes, that's how people will see him for the rest of his life! His life is ruined forever! Its not innocent until proven guilty, but guilty from the day one! With the international media coverage, its already confirm that he is not going back to the civilized world again; there is no place for him anywhere but in terrorist camp! I am not sure if he has the guts to pull the trigger or go as human bomb and kill innocent people. If he can not do that, he is jobless as there is no other job he can do now!
Why am I thinking abut him anyway? Does this has anything to do with me? No and Yes! No because I don't know him, and I don't care what happen to him, its like just another news item to me. Yesterday a building collapsed and till now 28 people are dead, with chances of toll going up. I see 28 innocent people dead, including kids, he is alive! But there are a lot of other reasons which prompt me to think and write about it, the Yes part of its impact on my l…