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Happy Republic Day India! Be Safe!

Don't be surprise by the "Be Safe" part in title, as it is a normal wish I use on every occasion now a days. We are in today's world of terrorism, and specially in India, you never know what terrorist act is in store for the next hour! So, "Be Safe" is my wishing mantra for everyone!

We have completed 60 years as a Republic, and achieved the most tough task of forgetting the meaning of Republic today! Go ahead, and ask anyone on the street, specially aged between 5 to 35 yrs about if they know the meaning of Republic or understand what this work "Republic India" stands for, and you will come to know that no ones understand that today! Why go out and ask around, YOU, who is reading this, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? Don't try to Google it in another tab! Its ok not to know, as it is normal for our period! In 2010, Republic Day means, a chance to get a long weekend by taking Monday off! Thats what it stands for today!

Welcome 2010

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2010!