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How Ra.One should have been made!

After watching Ra.One last night, I was disappointed, not because I am a fan of SRK, but because I am a fan of Sci-Fi, Superhero, Special Effect movies, and wanted this one to be a record breaker, so that more such movies can be made in India! But this movie is nothing except copy of various Hollywood superhero movies. We have seen Terminator 2, which is the main copy for the story of Ra.One, where a villain comes from another dimension (from future in T2 and from game in Ra.One) to kill the boy, and hero also comes from the same dimension to save the kid. Then, we have seen Iron Man with heart, Tron with the costume, Spiderman with the train sequence, and Speed with the train sequence on road. There are more in Ra.One, and I am sure we all have seen these movies, and remember these sequences. So, while disappointed, I thought of writing my own review of this movie, so read on, and don’t worry about spoilers, as there is very little original in the movie, so even if you don’t read th…