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India Pakistan World Cup Semi Final 2011 - I was there!

The Planning and Ticket
It all started when my friend JD called me on Saturday, March 27, about the tickets of this game. All the news channels and newspapers are constantly telling that tickets are sold at very high premium, and not easy to get. I never planned to attend this game in the ground, as it was in Mohali, around 300km away from my place. But just knowing that JD is going, and emotionally, I too was completely attached to this game, decided why not? It took me just 5 seconds to decide about paying Rs 22,000/- for Rs 500/- ticket of this match. It’s not that I bought the ticket from black market on a premium, but ours was a package from official Tour Partner of World Cup,, and it includes a T-Shirt, transfer from Chandigarh to Mohali and back, apart from the ticket. I know what you should be thinking after reading this, yes, we paid premium for the ticket, but at least, we did not pay it to some black marketeer selling tickets on high price, illegally. So, this left u…

Nature's Warning to us - Slowdown!

Another tragedy has hit the world yesterday! A massive earthquake of 8.9 scales has hit Japan, followed by TSUNAMI, killing thousands of people. Those who survived will have to struggle to survive! They have lost everything, and have to fight with a devastated life! Some of the survivors may recover with their life, and get back on their feet. But with most of the people in impacted area, it’s not going to be easy getting back with their life! They may have lost close family members, surely have lost everything they build so far in their life, home, job, life’s earnings, savings, everything!  And the images of this incident, it’s going to be there to haunt them for life! I cannot even imagine how they might be feeling right now; let alone how to start again with their life! From thousands of miles away, I can only pray for them, pray to God for giving them strength to recover!