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Subho Bijoya!

Wishing you all SUBHO BIJOYA! Those who don't understand the meaning of Bijoya, its the celebration of victory! Victory of Good over Evil! I will post more details and some pics, as I was in Kolkata, the home of Durga Puja! But, for the time being, here is an video with lovely animation and Durga Puja Dhak Music!

One Year after the Blasts!

Its one year since two blasts - one in my city Delhi, and another in my line of work, Investment Banking. Last year, Delhi was shocked with multiple blasts, and Lehman went bankrupt, sending multiple shock waves and panic to the industry!

How we have cope up so far in last one year after these incident? The world economy went into recession, and now on the recovery path. Governments had to shell out much more money to banks in order to survive the economical breakdown. Had the Lehman was saved with Government funding, things could have been much better. But not all is lost, and it help reducing the overspending of the Banks. Now, Banks across the world are cautious about how and where to spend money.