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Moving on to a new job...

After 7.5 years, I decided to move on to explore new avenues on my career path. Its a mix feeling, I know that I am going to miss this company, as I have been part of its culture for last 7.5 years. Its hard to say good-bye to people you have worked with for so long. How can I say good-bye to people who are among very good friends of mine, people who pushed me to achieve new heights, guided me on my path to achieve it and helped me whenever needed! So, I didn't say good-bye to anyone! I also wanted to say a big “Thank You” for the support I got from everyone there, but I think that is not needed as it is part of culture there. I have not got any special treatment, but seen that everyone is ready and willing to help & support each other. have spent the biggest tenure of my professional life there. It felt (and it still feels) like our company! Working there is like playing World Cup Cricket on home ground. You get the toughest challenge, biggest reward and along with it, suppo…


Just a quick info, my company's annual day in on 30th Aug 2008, and we are preparing a Musical show for that. I will put more details later on, but for the time being, just wanted to show our last years performance, which won Best Presentation Award!
Below are the YouTube links, as YouTube has limitation of 10 min, we have split our 12 min video into 2 parts:

Part 1

Part 2

I will post the new video as well, and chances are that we win the prize again!

Until then, signing off, njoy the videos.