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Superman - The Last Son!

Just finished reading Superman - The Last Son. The five part story arc's first three parts were published in Action Comics #844 through #846. The next parts were delayed to give Kubert sufficient recovery time from health problems he did not wish to disclose. Because of this, the fourth part was delayed and released with issue #851. The eleventh annual of Action Comics, released in May 2008, completed the story-line. Because the better part of 19 months passed between the publication of the first part and the final installment of the story, much criticism has been centered on the creative team and DC Comics in general.
I read the first part in Gotham Comics, published in India, last year. I liked it, but after that issue, Gotham Comics stopped publishing comics in India. They have done it earlier and they did it again! We in India don't have any other option but to get the comics online, if you want to read it. An all Indian creative team is creating comics like Ramayana Relo…

Wii - The new era of Infotainment!

Today Wii is just the very first version! But like PS and XBox, they will also come out with new versions, could be Wii2 and Wii3 or maybe the next version of this revolutionary console should be called Wii-Online! Most of the people surely having a wish list of Wii next version, here is mine:

Great graphics capabilities3D realistic Mii to represent you not only in games, but also on online communities, virtual worlds like Second Life!Mii Plaza should grow to becomes a new virtual world of its own, where we (our Mii) can communicate with each other, like Second Life!IPTV compatibility, with different channels can be added to main menu, for quick access. BBC has already started its video service for Wii, more to follow.Wiimote and nonchok is good, but offers limited virtual reality. More gears to offer complete virtual reality gaming, like something to wear on your head, for head movement, a knee pad for leg movement. Wii Fit is already in market, but more gears are required!Individual …

Sarkar Raj! - Awesome Movie!

Watched Sarkar Raj yesterday! Its Sarkar all over again, and more! If you have seen Sarkar, and liked it, go and watch Sarkar Raj, its more intense, more shocking and I think one of the finest creation of RGV!

After AAG, I was not very sure about this one, but RGV has again proved me wrong! He has delivered a masterpiece one more time! I will not take much of your time, and get down to business.

The best of the movie--

Amitabh Bachchan! Should I say more ? He is same character you saw in Sarkar, with more intense look and some great dialogues which you can remember after watching the movie, something like old AB movies, after a long time. He is the central focus of the movie, like the original. There is a change from the original. Here, you get to see an angry AB, taking charge of the situation and killing people. The Sarkar AB was taken a back seat and ABjr was doing the killings. His GOD like persona is simply awesome!

Abhisek Bachchan! He has deliver a great performance. I think a…