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I was recently in Kolkata, for Durga Puja. It was a very short trip, of just 7 days. Considering Kolkata my home town, and birth place, 7 days is short! All my childhood friends are their, my school, collage, places where we hangout, the list is endless! Its been almost 13 years I left Kolkata, and moved to other cities for job, but I haven't left Kolkata as such. I can not leave Kolkata, not just because it is my birth place, but there is something in this city, which keeps this very close to my heart! The city is still very much traditional, old fashioned, and full of poor people. But the city also have new shopping malls, multiplexes and clubs/discs. So, you get the best of both world. You can sip a cup of tea early in the morning in Bhand (small clay-pot), and I mean as early as it gets, even at 4 AM! Then you have the option of egg-roll @ Rs 20 to Kathi Roll @ Rs 700/-, both in the same city! Hand-pulled Riksha to Auto Riksha to Taxi to Radio Taxi, the choice is yours! Well…