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Child Sex Abuse - How we parent can prevent it!

A few days ago, I read a local news about a school van driver molesting three kids for more than 1.5 years! This is sick! The age of these kids is between 6 to 12 years! I am not sure what fun or satisfaction these criminals get by abusing small kids, but I am sure of one thing – the punishment we give them according to our law is not enough! Talk to any sensible person, and they will recommend the highest possible punishment for such act! And if you ask me, I would like them to pay for the torture they have done, and the trauma they have given to these kids for the rest of their life! I would like them to be buried alive upto the waist, in an open ground, and left there to die! Or torture them, slowly, cutting one piece of their body at a time, and keeping them alive, so that they get the feeling of their own doing to the kids before they die! I want them to die, but no sudden death, slow, tortured death! And I want everyone else to know how they died, so that others understand the i…

Thanks but No Thanks Gandhi! We don't need you today!

I am drunk today! It’s a dry day in India, as it’s the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi! The Father of Nation! Known as Bapu! I know you must have heard about him, or his name atleast! But why I drink on the day of his birth? Well, it’s my way of showing him, that India has changed, and we don’t need a Gandhi to free us anymore! We are free! India is one of the, or I think the biggest democratic country of the world! We, the people are responsible for our country! We select our leaders! We choose how the country should be run! We are free now! Bapu, thank you for helping us when we needed you, to get rid of British, and become a free India! Thanks, but no thanks, we don’t need you anymore! The rule of game has changed now! We have terrorism in India now! Gandigiri will fail against terrorism! As you know, your satyagrah will only work if a lot of people participate in that! But if you do something like that today, you will not be put in jail, but someone will kill you on the spot! You may …

Babri Masjid! The verdict is coming

It seems like we will have the court verdict on Babri Masjid land dispute on 30th Sep 2010! Do we really want to know what was there? And how much back in time can we go? What if there was a temple earlier? What was there before that temple? What if it was the birth place of lord Ram, what was there before Ram was born? This is endless! We cannot go back and change the history! No matter how wrong or bad it was! What’s done is already done! Britain has taken a lot of stuff from India during their period; can we ask them to return everything they have taken? It’s like you brought a land, build a nice house for yourself, and then all of a sudden, someone comes and asks you to vacate this house, as his ancestors were living there 200 years ago! WTF! And that’s not all; he will kill you and your family, distance relatives as well, if you don’t give him the house! This is ridiculous! I fail to understand why court took so many years! And I fail to understand why our govt allowed 6th Dec 1…

Big Bang or Firecracker?

I was watching a show on Discovery Channel, about our Universe and its origin by Big Bang. It was detected that after the Big Bang, our universe was created and it still is expanding. But what was there in that space before the Big Bang? And also, what is beyond our universe? What is there where our universe is expanding? There are so many unanswered questions; I don’t think our science is mature in Astronomy. But not sure why people like Stephen Hawkins proclaim that its gravity which has created this universe, and not God! It’s not that being a religious person, I am hurt by this statement. I do believe in God, and in Science. But I do know the limitation of both! Science can give you many reasons for things happening around you, but cannot answer all your questions! Science cannot help you in your personal problems, neither can God, but when you pray to God, you get a strong positive energy in yourself. This positive energy is faith, and believes that someone is going to take care…


What is happiness? Can we measure happiness? Is there a mathematical formula which can be used to define happiness? How can one person be happy in a situation and another is not in the exact same situation? If its hot summer, a rich person can only be happy if the AC is working, a middle class person (who can’t afford AC) wants fan to be happy, a poor fella who can’t even afford fan, will be happy if there is a wind! So, the meaning of happiness differs from person to person! And this example does not mean that money brings more comfort which brings happiness, as money is not always responsible for happiness. You can have a person without money, still happy and enjoying his life! Similarly, another person with lots of money, but not happy! So, what is happiness?

History of Comics in India

“चाचा चौधरी का दिमाग़ कम्यूटर से भी तेज़ चलता है।” (Chaha Chowdhury’s brain works faster than computer)
-->Remember the above phrase? I am sure a lot of you will, and not only that, this was the only knowledge of a Computer we knew back in 70s. Who knows that we Indians will reach out to the world using this computer, and become the king of IT Industry!
Back then, I mean, before Chacha Chowdhury, Bahadur, Amar Chitra Katha, Indrajal Comics, Billo, Pinky and many more, before Comics really arrive in India, before the golden 60s, comics were not much in vogue in India. The selection that was available was in the form of imported digests and books like Tintin (originally French private detective), Asterix and Obelix (superheroes of Gaul, erstwhile France), Archie (American School Boy) and Commando (war stories of World War II) etc. A costly product for an average Indian, these comics were rather available to the children of the wealthy.

2 States – A Comical love story!

I have read it few months ago, and loved the book. So, why am I writing about it today? Something happened, which prompted me to write about this now, and it’s not that I read the book or any specific part again today. Infact, it’s somewhere in my house, and I don’t know where I put it after reading. So, what happened?

The Immortals of Meluha

I am not a big fan of English fiction, have read some Tom Clancy ones earlier, but recently tried one of the English translation of my favorite Hindi thriller writer, Surendra Mohan Pathak, The 65 Lakh Heist! and loved it. Then comes Chetan Bhagat series, I tried 2 States while travelling to Mumbai on business trip, and that opened up a new frontier for me in reading. I was limited to Hindi fictions only so far, and liked the simple yet interesting writings of Indian writers. Now, after just 4 months, I have finished all Chetan Bhagat books, two of the SMP translations, and few others.

Recently finished The Immortals of Meluha, a 400 pager fiction about Shiva. A mix of mythology, history and fiction. This is a thriller, and first part in the Shiva trilogy. I really liked the pace of novel, as things happen very fast and you are really hocked to the book till very last page. The only downside of this book is that its not complete in its own, and you have to wait for the second part. A…

Terror Strikes again!

This time terror strikes at Pune. Again, some innocent people are killed in the blast at German Bakery! And in another few days, we are going to start our Indo-Pak talks again! Even without any anti-terrorist activity shown by Pakistan! Are we so desperate for this? Why can't we just accept Pakistan as our enemy and leave the things as it is? Why can't we disconnect ourselves completely from Pakistan? No ties at all! No Business, No Sports, No Art (specially No AMAN KEE ASHA), nothing at all!

Happy Republic Day India! Be Safe!

Don't be surprise by the "Be Safe" part in title, as it is a normal wish I use on every occasion now a days. We are in today's world of terrorism, and specially in India, you never know what terrorist act is in store for the next hour! So, "Be Safe" is my wishing mantra for everyone!

We have completed 60 years as a Republic, and achieved the most tough task of forgetting the meaning of Republic today! Go ahead, and ask anyone on the street, specially aged between 5 to 35 yrs about if they know the meaning of Republic or understand what this work "Republic India" stands for, and you will come to know that no ones understand that today! Why go out and ask around, YOU, who is reading this, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? Don't try to Google it in another tab! Its ok not to know, as it is normal for our period! In 2010, Republic Day means, a chance to get a long weekend by taking Monday off! Thats what it stands for today!

Welcome 2010

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2010!