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Deepavali – Mythology, faith and history with little bit of Science

There are many stories, mix with Mythology, faith and history, for Diwali celebration. But the real celebration is not only for these stories, it’s the symbolic meaning of these tales. We celebrate the festival of light, on the dark moonless night. The light represent truth and justice, to eliminate injustice and evils of darkness. We not just fill our surroundings with truthful light, but using firecrackers we fill the skies with light of truth as well. So, go ahead and celebrate this festival, but remember, the real celebration is not in lighting Diyas or firecrackers, its in helping someone in need, doing some good work today, and everyday. When you see the light of happiness on someone’s face, that’s more than 100 Diya's light. When you hear the sound of happiness in their voice, that sound is more than 100 firecrackers to fill your heart with joy. If you find joy and happiness by this, it will be the perfect festival for you! Wishing you all a Very Happy Deepavali!

Independent India is Dead, Long Live Independent India!!!

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends across the world! And there are two different greetings I would like to give, to the two different set of Indians across the globe. Indians living abroad, in developed countries like UK, USA, Singapore etc, enjoy this day, have party, show some patriotism by wearing tri-colour dress, host Indian flag, play some patriotic songs, dance and have a good time today. Indians still forced or choose to stuck here in India, please stay safe, have a quiet time today, and pray to god that the day pass by without any terror attack on our country, basically, be safe today. 

The Wormworld Saga – My first Hindi Translation

Why am I writing about this digital graphic novel? Two reasons, the first one is to let everyone knows about this gorgeously illustrated web comic, and the second is about my association with it. Daniel wanted if anyone can translate it in their language, to get in touch with him. I contacted him about translating it in Hindi, and got immediate go ahead from him. 

I really liked the way he has managed this translation part, where various people across the world are working to translate this into their language, Daniel has created an Google Doc Spreadsheet, with first column in English, and assigned one column to each of us, for filling our language translation of that column’s caption. This is a great way of collaboration effort, using free web! Nice idea Daniel!