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The year is over!

Yes, 2008 is almost over! It was not a good year at all! Terrorism was on its peak this year, World Economy slowly slipping into recession, and the impact is on all sectors!
Personally, I changed my job after 7.5 years, so there was a major change in my life this year. My kids got enrolled into a new (and somewhat better) school this year. And before the year finishes, I bought myself an LCD TV, kind of the most expensive gadget I purchased so far in my life! So, the year was not bad for me, in fact, if I look back, it was good for me.

Life is coming back to Normal, or is it?

Its almost a week for the incident to be over, and slowly, people are returning to discuss other things, like movies, music, politics, economical meltdown, petrol price fall etc..

So, is the life coming back to normal? I don't think so! If anyone think like that, just wait for another attack to another city, or another bomb blast somewhere to remind us again of our fears! It will happen, very soon, as with the current trend, every month there is one or two such incidents happening ! So, it will happen again, as we have not done anything to stop it! Changing few ministers will not stop the terrorists to act again!

Will I ever feel safe in India?

We are helpless, and waiting to be chosen as next victim of this terrorist attacks! Some protest and expression of anger is going on everywhere, but not sure if that will help us feel safe again! Not sure if I can let my kids go to market alone to buy a candy! Not sure if we can have a vacation somewhere on a tourist destination in India! I spend my childhood in India, and I felt safe, I spend 4 years in Singapore, and I felt safe, I felt safe in traveling alone to various part of South and West India during 90s, in my first job! But not anymore! I do not feel safe now!

Today was 6th Dec, the day better remembered for Babri Masjid demolition! Being a Saturday, I did not step out of my house! Its not that I am safe in my house, but the fear of unknown, something which can happen anytime, anywhere... did not let me venture out in the market!

I will go to office on Monday, as that is required, but avoid going to movies, or new year party or any other celebration! I have an excuse that d…