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Anna Hazare – and various methods of protest!

Anna is going to break his 5 day fast today! He finally, got the government to agree on Jan Lokpal bill. I am not here to argue if the bill is perfect or as Government was quoting since Anna started his fast, the bill is not correct in its current form. All I know was that there is a draft, and it was side-lined for some time by our politicians. Anna forced them to get it back in limelight, and discuss, fix, implement it. This is what according to me he wanted, and he got it.

World Cup 2011 – We won it this time!

I was there, in 1983, when India won their first ever Cricket World Cup by defeating West Indies. We Indian believed in our heart, that we can do it, but in our mind, we were not 100% sure, if India can defeat two times World Champion, in the final of World Cup! But the underdog did it and lifts the cup! I still remember those days, when there was no live telecast, and radio was the only hope for us. But, it was 1983, so radio also gave you live commentary till midnight, and then goes silent. No, the match continues, and commentary will be transmitted from the ground, but our very own AIR (All India Radio) will just record it, and not transmit it post-midnight. Why? I still don’t know after 28 years. Maybe back then, there was no culture of overnight shift, or it was thought that people will not be awake, even for World Cup Cricket, and India playing in final, post-midnight. So, the arrangement was that the commentary of post-midnight will be recorded, and replayed, as it is, from 4 A…