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Shiv and Shankar - The Supreme Power and The Destroyer

People always think that Shiv and Shankar is same, which is not true. Shiv is actually creator of Shankar. Even devotees who spend their whole life worshiping Shankar or Shiv, thinks that they are one and same. This is as common a mistake as calling our religion Hindu, whereas there is no such word in any of our religious texts. Just like we are Sanatan Dharmi, and not Hindu like popular believe, Shiv and Shankar is different and not one entity.

O Saathi Re - A journey of love...from two solo songs to a lovely duet

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

Today, is the day we celebrate love! Love is a wonderful thing; it joins two souls into one! When you are in love with someone, you don’t remain two different individuals, but becomes one. There are lots written about love, so I am not going to fill pages about it again. I know, love is a feeling, you just can’t express it in words, you have to feel it.

So, I decided to show the feeling which is love, by actually letting you feel the power of love. I picked up my all-time favorite song, “O Saathi Re” from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, which has two original versions. Both were solo versions, one by Asha Bhosle, for the female child artist who represent heroin’s child age in the movie, and another by Kishore Kumar, for the hero. Its worth mentioning here that the movie is inspired by Devdas story, and I think this is one of the much better interpretation of Devdas in modern age. Both songs are great individually, with some similar and some different lyr…