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The journey towards Independence

We are celebrating our 70th Independence Day this year, which means we are Independent since last 70 years, free to follow our dreams, free from all kind of evil atrocities our country witness over centuries in past. But it actually gets me thinking. Are we really independent? Do we understand independence? 
What is Independence? Do we know the real meaning of Independence? According to Cambridge Dictionary, there are two meanings:
Freedom from being governed or ruled by another country. The ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people. 
Our country is free and not ruled or governed by any other country, so in that sense, India is independent. But, as per the second meaning, are we, the people of India, really independent? Another question raised here is about our country. India is not governed or ruled by any other country, but if we use the second meaning in context of our country, is our country really independent? Let’s discuss both the meanings for …