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Uncle Pai is Dead, Long Live Uncle Pai!

Yes, it’s shocking news for all Comic Fans in India! Uncle Pai is no more with us! He was 81, and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award this month at India's first ever Comic Convention held in New Delhi on February 19-20. He was supposed to be at the event on 20th Feb, but a week before, he was admitted to hospital for treatment of a fracture after he fell from a staircase. Today morning, he suffered a massive heart attack and breathed his last around 5 pm. He is loved by children across nation, but never had any of his own. 

First Annual Comic Con India 2011

What is Comic Con?
It’s a convention about Comics! But its not just limited about Comics! Yes, primarily its about Comics, but as we all know, that Batman, Superman, X-men, Spiderman and all these have already taken over our entertainment in a big way. They are not limited to just Comics, but are in Movies, TV series, Books, Merchandise, games and what not! Comic Con, or Comics Convention, started in San Diego way back in 1970, and still goes one as one of the biggest event every year! But hey, Comics fans are everywhere and no one can stop them to organise their own Comic Con in their cities! So, we have Comic Con happening in New York, Baltimore, London, Emerald City and more.

Gabbar Singh - गब्बर सिंह का चरित्र चित्रण

I got this on mail, and it is hilarious writeup about Gabbar Singh's character! If you don't know who Gabbar Singh is, then stop reading here. If you have seen SHOLAY, chances are you must have seen it multiple times! Still we can't get enough of SHOLAY and its characters! Gabbar Singh, like all other SHOLAY characters, is immortal. This article is based on the fact that if, and I say again, if we teach Sholay in our textbook, there will be teachings on its characters. And considering the new era of movies with anti-hero or main actor playing negative role, there is going to be a different perspective on Gabbar's character. Read on to enjoy: