Wednesday, 12 December 2007

These Days... 12-Dec-2007

Nothing much these days... watched Dus Kahaniyaan yesterday! utter crap movie! don't waste ur time and money... yaar free me bhi mat dekhna! the only good thing abt the movie was that it ended in 2 hour.

Heroes season 2 was ended with just 11 episodes! watched back 2 back all episodes last weekend! its good, but too short for a season! they planned for 23 - 24 episodes, but due to writer's guild strike, they had to finish it half-way. the story was well planned and moving in good pace, but in episode 8 only it started shaping. too bad they had to end it in 11 only. hopefully the strike will finish and they can start volume 3 post winter.

Well, i did saw Rush Hour 3 on DVD couple of days back, and frankly, didn't like it much. it was ok to watch just for the hack of Jacky and Chris, but story and presentation lacks gripping. its Terminator 3 of the Rush Hour series.

Talking abt T3, i just heard that they are producing a TV series on T3 named The Sarah Connors Chronicles. its premiering in Jan 2008, lets see how it is. for a Sci-Fi fan like me, its good news, after Heroes, there are more.

Thats all abt these days, and yeah yesterday there was a shootout in one of the local school here. Now India is at par with US in at least one thing - shootout at school! my deepest sympathy with parents of all three kids, the one who died and the two who were involved. but i believe parents are responsible for this in many ways! i hv two kids, one boy of 9 yrs and one girl of 7 yrs. still they only watch cartoons or kids movie. i never let them see any serial or movies not meant for kids. but its sad that we don't hv such discipline in all the homes. parents watch crap on tv and let kids watch that along too. the violence we see on movies or news channels, is not appropriate for kids, but we let them watch, and see how they learn. kids are very fast learner, they learn a lot from watch tv, specially meaningless action movies and Wrestling where fight or bullet is the only way to settle score.
whatever has already been done can not be undone, so we can only offer our sympathy with the parents, but all other parents should take notice and start taking precautions abt this.

well, thats it for now..

Friday, 7 December 2007

Aaja Nachale - The Return of Madhuri!

Madhuri is back! Just saw Aaja Nachale, The Musical! Yes, the name should be Aaja Nachale, The Musical! Because it is a Musical movie! Most part of the story is shown into songs! But, wait, the presentation is not that u go out of theater for a smoke during songs! Its like u r watching an Opera! A Musical Broadway show! Its a new experiment in Indian Cinema! From the Box Office initial reports, people are not liking it, but no one can predict Indian audience. u never know what they like and what don't! But the movie is really worth watching with entire family! They don't make many family movies these days!

And it has Madhuri! Aha! Dhak Dhak Madhuri! She is WOW! She is UUFFFF! She is Ouch! She is still same Madhuri! The story does not support any Dhak Dhak songs, but the way she danced in the movie... u need to see it... i can not explain it in words! Its just Madhuri Magic! Madhuri was more than enough for me to watch 2 hour 21 min movie! And I am not alone! There are many Madhuri crazy guys in India! Of course if u go to see a Dhak Dhak or Choli Ke Peeche Madhuri, u may be disappointed, but go to see Madhuri, and u will love the movie as well!

Just one think I noticed, Madhuri is not showing her tummy now, maybe due to the birth mark from her pregnancies. Her dresses are all covered up from front! Bare back is always a trade make of Madhuri and it continues!

will not write much, go and watch the movie! and njoy Madhuri!