Tuesday, 8 April 2008

London Bankware Meet

I was in London for two weeks, and got a chance to meet all my Bankware group friends! We met at The Sir Paul Pindar Pub in Central London to enjoy our Friday evening! It was all fun, getting updates about everyone! Well, I guess its same everywhere when you meet friends after a long time, you talk about whats happening, you drink, you talk about past, you drink a bit more, you talk about everything else going on these days, you drink! The main idea is to spend some quality drinking time with friends, and thats what we did!
I was carrying my K800i Cybershot phone, and clicked some pics that evening. Putting up a slideshow from that evening, for my friends!

The power of Piracy!

I enjoy watching Wrestling or to be specific, WWE, as there is no competition today to WWE. It has already taken care of WCW and ECW. I don't think TNA is really up against WWE, at least not till today.

Well, that story some other day, but today, I came to know about a new DVD set from WWE, called "The Greatest Superstars Of Wrestlemania", and wanted to know which matches are put on this DVD. The obvious thing to do is google it, and I did, but only to get torrents for this DVD set. It is only at page#3 of Google search that I found something useful. Maybe my search was not good, as I searched for "WWE The Greatest Superstars Of Wrestlemania" on google.co.in (my default home page). For those who don't know what torrent is, I would just say that its one of the easiest and most widely used medium of piracy today. Someday, I will put up a post on torrents as well, but till then, just Google it if you need more information.

Its not that the Google is not searching for right pages on net, but there are so many torrent site, if you do a search for any popular software or movie, chance are that some of your first page search include a link to torrent. Some pirates may call it power of freedom, but in my opinion, its Power of Piracy! I don't need to provide data or statistics to show how much money is lost due to piracy, just a simple example will do. I was very keen on watching Jodha Akbar, but when I came to know that its 3hour plus movie, I was a bit hesitated to go to theater for the movie. One of my friend gave me a DVD of the movie, it was on 4th day after the movie was released. The DVD was having 1 GB avi file with crystal clear quality of the movie. There were few more movies were available on the DVD, like Taare Jameen Pe, RAMBO 4 etc. All DVD quality, in xvid format. I watched Jodha Akbar at home, and liked the movie. But wished I could have seen it in theater, as the fight sequences and war scene might look much better on big screen. But after watching it for 3+ hour, I did not find it worth watching again on big screen just for the war and fight sequences. So, they (the movie producer) lost a customer. And I am not one, the torrents are making it easier for everyone to access the good quality of movie as soon as there release. So, lets say if 100 people could have watched JA in theater, with piracy, now only 30 people go to see the movie. Rest watch it at home with the help of piracy. So, do you think it will be possible to make big budget movies without getting paid from all viewers? I will let you think and answer this question on your own!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Free Internet Channel on Wii

I was in London for two weeks! I am not a traveler so spend my weekends with friends over there. Apart from meeting friends, and a get-together, the best thing I did is to get a Wii for myself. If you don’t know what Wii is, try google. All I can say about Wii is that – The Future of entertainment has started with Wii! Now, will not explain Wii here, but write about something which you may find interesting to read and know if you have a Wii or planning to buy one.
I am really enjoying my Wii along with kids! Its great! I got Wii Sports, Wii Play, GT Racing and Carnival games. Mostly we are hooked to Wii Sports and Wii Play. I did some search and found that Wii can be used for net surfing, well, not a great thing to do if you already have a laptop or desktop with you at home. But, I downloaded the browser anyway, and found two things which prompted me to write about it.
Games Games and more Free Games for your Wii
First, Opera browser which runs on Wii is capable of running flash 7.0 stuff in the browser. What that means? It means, you can play a lot of flash based games which are available freely on net! Any game developed on flash 8 or higher version (9 is latest I guess), will not run on Wii, but there are endless games available on net which you can play on your Wii! In fact, there are few sites which caters Wii compatible games only. Try below sites:
The above sites are Wii specific, but there are a lot of other sites providing free online playable games based on flash. There are two things required for a flash based game to run on Wii browser, first it should be developed using flash version not more than 7.0 and second it should only be using mouse for control. Try our Indian game site, http://www.zapak.com and you can find few desi style games as well!
Last word, you can always play these games on your PC or laptop, but using a wireless controller instead of mouse has a different feeling!
Unlimited Broadband Connection = Unlimited Entertainment on your TV
The second best thing about Wii browser is that it can play online flash player based videos! That makes it YouTube compatible. Now I can watch all YouTube videos on my TV instead of small PC screen! Just go to YouTube, search for a video, then zoom it using “+” key on the remote to show the video area on full TV screen. It’s so great, that instead of watching TV, I am now watching YouTube on my TV. Its like Video on Demand service, you watch what you want to watch and when you want to watch! That too, its free!
YouTube is just one site, not the limit, there are a lot of other online video sites, including ones which host full online movies, and are compatible as most are using similar technology! So, fire-up your Wii browser, and open up a whole new world of entertainment on you TV!
Getting Internet Channel for Free
I recently brought my Wii and it does not come with Internet Channel like the earlier sets. Earlier, the browser was in beta stage and was coming free along with Wii, but they stopped distributing it free and priced it 500 Wii points, approx $5. Here is a simple way to get Wii Internet Channel for free.
When you open your box, check in the documents, you will find two cards for Club Nintendo registration. Go to the website, register your Wii and Wii Sports game using PIN# written in both the cars, and you will receive the following Wii Stars:
User Registration 250 stars
Wii Console 1000 stars
Wii Sports 1000 stars
Total 1250 stars! If you are buying more games manufactured by Nintendo (not just licensed by them), you get more stars. Like I got 250 more stars for my Wii Play game.
Now, you need to link your club account to your Wii Shop Channel account. Follow the below steps for doing that:
How do I link my Club Nintendo account to my Wii Shop Channel account?
When you have a Club Nintendo account and your Wii console is connected to the Internet, go to the Wii Shop Channel from the Wii Menu.
Once you are connected to the Wii Shop Channel, select 'Start Shopping'.
On the next screen, select 'Settings'.
On the Settings Screen, point your Wii Remote at the Club Nintendo logo and press the A Button in order to link your Club Nintendo account.
You will then be asked to enter the email address and password that you normally use to log into your Club Nintendo account.
Once you entered your details, select 'Link'.
When the link has been established you will get a confirmation message. Select 'OK'.
Your Club Nintendo Membership is now linked to your Wii Shop Channel account.
It’s very easy after this, just log on to Wii point card shop, (https://wiipointscard.nintendo-europe.com/php/index.php?lang=en_GB) and redeem your stars for Wii points. Most of the times the 500 point card is out of stock, so you need to buy 200 or 100 one, whichever is available. Also note that you can only redeem one card per day, so you may have to buy 200+200+100 to make it 500 points in three days. This is assuming you may not get 500 point card and only option is 200 or 100 point cards. Also, every 400 star is equivalent to 100 Wii points. So you need total 2000 stars for 500 Wii points. All you have to do now is write down the Wii point card number, go to Shop Channel and add Wii points to your account using the point card numbers. When you have 500 points in your account, download Internet Channel.
Those who already have internet channel on their Wii, can use these points / stars to buy other games/collectibles for free.
More on my Wii later…