Saturday, 13 September 2008

Polday 2008 - Bollywood Ramayan

As mentioned earlier, I have got the Polday 2008 video and uploaded it on YouTube. You will find the links below in this post. This presentation will be a little more close to my heart, as this was my last day in the company were I have spend 7.5 years! Actually, my official last day was 29th Aug, Friday, but I was allowed to participate in Polday, just the day after. It was a good show.

It all started with just a concept of Musical Ramayan. We wanted to show the story of Ramayan with the help of Bollywood Songs. The situations and songs were finalized by general discussion with the overall team. We cut and prepare the songs, few situations were cut to shorten the overall time. Casting was done, and practice started. Soorpanakha was changed twice, Lakshman and Hanuman were changed once, Ravan was changed twice as well. Overall it was just one week of work, and it was complete fun! While we were practicing, some guys were busy preparing the title boards for our presentation. They are not on stage (except for Aslam, who showed the boards in the drama, but you may not be able to spot him), but thanks to all of them, as without the title boards, the impact of this presentation could have been much less.

Roshan gave us idea of using actual pics of our managers for Ravan's 10 head. So, we took photograph of Roshan, Navneeth, Harinder, Soumen & Samir. We couldn't find time for prints and this idea was almost dropped, but we were able to prepare it just 30 min before the show! This was one of the main attraction of the show!

Now, no more talking, below are the links, again the show is of 13 min, and YouTube only allows 10 min of videos. So, we split it into two parts. Enjoy!

Polday 2008 - EG 61 - Part 1 - Bollywood Ramayan

Polday 2008 - EG 61 - Part 2 - Bollywood Ramayan