Sunday, 30 November 2008

I am not proud of being Indian! But am afriad of it!

Almost everyone has an opinion and solution to the current terrorist activity in Mumbai. Just to remind you, I am talking about the attack happened during last week of November, lasted 3 days and there were gun battle at various locations in Mumbai. I know this is needed, as a week from now, no one will remember what happened, we will have other multiple, and maybe more deadlier attacks to talk about.

So, if you ask me, do I have an opinion? Yes, I do, but I don't think it matters. What does an ordinary citizen of India can do in this situation? I can hide I guess. But when they are coming inside the house, I don't think hiding is an option now. What will anyone do in such situation? We can not fight it, and we don't have a govt who can fight it. Our leaders will repeat the same condolence messages, packed with some "guilty will be punished" comments and some encouragement messages like "The spirit of people of India" and life will go on like it was. All of us who are not yet caught in any of these attacks, may ask for vengeance, attack on Pakistan, drastic measures by govt to tackle it and keep it a regular topic for gossiping for a week of so. And those who lost their near and dear ones will be deep in sorrow for maybe few months, and crawl back to the terms of life, and start adjusting with life. But life goes on. Life goes on after earth quack, life goes on after Tsunami, life goes on after a terrorist attack, life goes on! Its not the spirit of any city, which brings the city back on track, its the circle of life, and the universal truth of "Life Goes On"!