Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sholay - Special Edition DVD of Alternate Version

This is my 50th post on this Blog, and I never thought I can post upto 50 when I started. I wanted to post this in December 2010, as my last post of the year. But somehow, the time taken in research as well as year end holidays delayed it, and now we are with this, my 50th post, about Sholay Special Edition DVD and Alternate Version, as the first post this year.

Sholay! The name is enough! Yes, I am talking about Sholay the movie! The most famous movie of Indian film industry ever! There are so much written about Sholay, that I don't think I can add any new information in the already known knowledge about this movie! It’s a cult movie! Even today, after 35 years of its release, people still remember the characters, not just the main characters, but small guest appearance characters such as Surma Bhopali or Jailor, Sambha, Kalia as well! We still refer Sholay dialogues in day to day conversations! So, if people know so much and remember this much about any movie, what additional info I can add from my side to already available ocean of information? This is the 50th post of my Blog, and I though why not write something new about Sholay, to make it a special post. Then started my research on Sholay, and I could not possibly find anything which is not already available for everyone else. Then, I decided to watch the movie again, and while watching, I just realised that the DVD I have with me of this movie, is not available in market! It is an exclusive copy of Sholay! You can say that it’s The Director’s Cut of Sholay. You may have bought the DVD of Sholay for your collection, and it could be one of the two versions available in the market. But trust me, both versions are pathetic and Sholay deserve much better treatment than just cheap releases. So, people know that Sholay is widely available on DVD, but I don’t think everyone knows about the quality of print available, and what are the two different print available in market! I have the third one, which again is not very good, but much better than what is available. So, my 50th post on this Blog is about Sholay, the DVD releases, Director’s Cut, and the wish for a new kind of DVD/BluRay…. Read on!