Sunday, 11 May 2008

Bhoothnath - a must watch for the whole family!

Yesterday, I went to watch Bhoothnath! I was with my kids, and enjoyed the movie! Kids were the one who enjoyed the most! The movie is for kids, but parents and the whole family will like it! Its kinda Disney movies, made for the whole family. Yes, the 2 hour 15 minute movies is not 100% well made, specially the songs are not fitting and could be taken away from the movie. I think out of all the songs, I prefer "Banku Bhaiya", Hum to hai Andhi" to be cut from the movie, and leave the "Hey Buddy" as the climax song only, and not in the movie! It still leaves us with two more songs in the movie, but these are situation based and ok to be in the movie. The best part is of course Amitabh Bachchan! But the kid has got great talent! He and BigB both carried the movie perfectly well! Juhi is lovely as a mother! SRK was good in his small but impressive (not so impressive) role. I will really give credit to the first time director to have SRK in special appearance and keep him in that small role. Any other director could have given him a song to make the movie more commercially attractive! I will not discuss the story here, but will mention one thing about the movie, which gives this movie an upper edge than any other similar movie. Ghost with a kid! The very first thing comes to mind is that ghost will help kid in different aspects of kids life, like school bully problems, exams etc, but this movie keeps itself clear from that area! Ghost in this movie refuse to help the kid in sports competition saying that there is no magic in life! He needs to fight back and win the race himself, without any help! Yes, ghost is involved in some hilarious incidents in school, but no help as such in real life problems. So, I would say, take some time out, go with the whole family and you will enjoy this movie! Worth watching with your whole family!