Thursday, 19 July 2007

Haneef - Innocent until proven guilty or TERRORIST?

He is a terrorist! Yes, that's how people will see him for the rest of his life! His life is ruined forever! Its not innocent until proven guilty, but guilty from the day one! With the international media coverage, its already confirm that he is not going back to the civilized world again; there is no place for him anywhere but in terrorist camp! I am not sure if he has the guts to pull the trigger or go as human bomb and kill innocent people. If he can not do that, he is jobless as there is no other job he can do now!

Why am I thinking abut him anyway? Does this has anything to do with me? No and Yes! No because I don't know him, and I don't care what happen to him, its like just another news item to me. Yesterday a building collapsed and till now 28 people are dead, with chances of toll going up. I see 28 innocent people dead, including kids, he is alive! But there are a lot of other reasons which prompt me to think and write about it, the Yes part of its impact on my life! It does impact me when I see how our government reacts and lay-off his hand from any of such cases. It does impact me when I see that we don't get any help from our govt at the time when we badly need it. It does impact me when I see how media can turn an innocent person into a deadly terrorist in just few hours. It does impact me when I see how can the power of media be misused against anyone! It does impact me when I see how a person is illegally held by a developed nation just because there are suspicion on him It does impact me when I see how the law is twisted to do illegal task by a develop nation. It does impact me when I see no human right commission is raising any voice against whats happening with him. It does impact me when I see no other nation is condemning whats being done in Australia.

I am not assuming that Haneef is innocent, yes I will not use Dr in his name anymore, as I am sure he can not practice now... not now, not in future anymore! He may be a terrorist and they may find proof against him. But as I said earlier, I don't care if he is a terrorist. The fact is, everyone is treating him like he is a terrorist and its already proved! For one second, I can assume that general public has a tendency of assuming guilty based on media report, but how can one justify what governments are doing! When I am using govts, I am including India as well. Any Indian citizen working abroad looks for help from his country in this situation. Its our govt duty to ensure that he receives a fair trial. How can one trust and love India after knowing that the country will not stand for him when needed most? How can I think of going to such developed nation after knowing that I will be treated like Haneef if they even have a little doubt on my character?

I am happy in India, at least here I know that I will not get any punishment soon even if I am a terrorist! Don't believe me? Check out the Mumbai Bomb Blast case, after 14 years, the sentences are being given now. 3 of them got death punishment. After this, there will be appeal into different courts and then to the President. So it could be another 10-15 years before they actually get death penalty, if the decision is upheld everywhere.

I can suggest a way to eradicate terrorism from this world, and I think our so called developed nations are already following most part of it. Just kill anyone who you think can be a terrorist or having relation with any known terrorist. If you happen to catch a terrorist, kill him, kill his family and all his relatives. Very soon you will remove that religion from the earth, so no one will be left to become a terrorist. Like it? I have to get it patented, otherwise someone from US will get a patent on it and no other country can use this trick!

Jokes apart, if you ask my personal opinion, I am in favor of a very violent torture for all terrorist who are involve in killing innocent people! No matter who is it, what nationality or religion he/she is following, its just one thing, if he or she has killed innocent people and there should only one penalty for it - no, its not death, I don't want them to die, I want them to live, live for at least few years, with everyday going to the living hell of torture! I know its against human rights, but what they are doing is also against humanity! And you can only stop it by giving hell to those who think they are going to heaven once they die! I am not targeting any particular religion here, but if any religion is asking to kill innocent people, I don't believe that religion should be followed by anyone! Come and tell me that your religion ask you to kill an innocent person and I will say your religion is bullshit!

Anyway, that's my opinion, everyone has their own way of thinking, and I respect that. Innocent or Guilty, Haneef is a terrorist now! And thanks to him, I get to know the dark side of our govt as well as some developed countries!