Friday, 17 October 2008

What A Day Today!

Karwa Chouth! Yes, today is Karwa Chouth, but my wife don't do fasting. Not because she does not believe in it, but its not celebrated in our family. We have different similar fasting day for women, its Jiutiya. It's a different story that my wife does not do fasting in Jiutiya as well, because she is not into this fasting and all. She prays, but no fasting, believes in GOD, but limited to self prayers only. I truly support her in this.

But, when I am saying its a great day, its not because of Karwa Chouth, but other reasons.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Amitabh in hospital!

Just came to know about Amitabh admitted to hospital. Today is his 66th Birthday, and instead of celebration, he is being taken care by doctors. Well, I am and I know all of his fans are praying for his health. I am sure he will recover and comes back sooner than we think.

Just wanted to express myself on this news, so a small post for BigB!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Happy Dushehra!! Happy Durga Puja!!

Wishing all of you a very happy Durga Puja and Dushehra! I was not able to visit Calcutta for Durga Puja and spend my whole day today in office, as I am managing Application Support Project! Well, that's not what I am going to crib about, like my team members! I knew when I came on-board that I will be working on most of the Indian holidays! So, there is no surprise here for me. And I have manage similar (a bit bigger and more messy) project in Singapore for another bank, and used to work on Singapore public holidays.

My wife and kids are already in Calcutta, and I am all alone here in Gurgaon! So, yesterday, when I was coming home in the evening, just remember that there is a small Durga Puja organized in my locality, and just went there. I grow up in Calcutta, and years after years, Durga Puja is somehow very normal for me, like never had a chance to think that I might miss it some day. Durga Puja for any Calcuttan is like part of life! But when you are away fro
m Calcutta, you start knowing how much you liked that and start missing it. Same happens with me, and this small pandal was nothing compare to what they make in Calcutta, the budget over there are in lakhs for most of the big puja. But, here, with small budget, the pandal looks great! That was something inside me which makes the vision just fascinating! I think it was just the joy of seeing the pandal and Maa Durga's Pratima live here in Gurgaon, instead of watching pics on the net or newspapers. The pic of Pandal is in left of this text, and you can see that its very generic, but I think that's what is called your belief! Beauty lies in the eyes of the person!

Also, just one more update, I am going to try my hand on fanedit! I will put a detail post on it later, maybe in this weekend. But just for now, fanedit are movies edited by fans, to make it a while new watching experience. I have seen a fanedit - Spiderman Birth Of A Hero, a 3:53 hour movie, created using Spiderman part 1, 2, 2.1 and 3. That was great! A must for all Spiderman fans! The thought came to me that why not re-edit a Hindi movie. Its not that I will be doing the first fanedit of any Hindi movie. As per my knowledge, Sholay is the first Hindi movie to be released on net as "So called Director's Cut" and that was the first Indian fanedit movie. I will put up a post on Sholay fanedit as well. I think the Sholay one will be my next post. So, watch this space!

Very few people know that I am also associated with one of the major Durga Puja of Calcutta. Md Ali Park Durga Puja is one of the biggest Puja there. I am a member of Youth Association, the organiser club of this puja. I will close this post with some pics of this years Md Ali Park Puja. This years theme was Global Warming!

Enjoy the festival season! Happy Dushehra and Durga Puja to everyone!